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Member User Guide

SEARCHING - There are 4 ways to actively search members plus 1 *’Advanced Search’ (see below) search engine.

Home/Quick Search - At the top of the window, you will see this button.  Pick the type of user you would like to see, fill out the location you would like to search and click Go.

My Matches - This list shows your matches according to your profile preferences.  This matches Location, Price, Gender, Age and Rooms needed and available.  Also, see below in *My Matches for further options.

All Member Search - Searches all members, without criteria, beginning closest to your location preference first.  Choose what type of member you would like to see (Have a Room, Need a Room or Rent Together.).  This allows you to see everyone.

Rent Together - Searches Members closest to you who have checked this option.  You may go into your profile and (in edit Profile section) tab this option on or off.  Rent Together option alerts members that you may be up for discussion on alternate living/moving plans.  Example:  Maybe a homeowner and a renter decide to both move out together, or two renters may opt to find an apartment or house together.  Just an option to let members know you are open for ideas.  No Preferences are associated with this except for your location preference, closest to you.

Member Search - You may search for users by username.


Automatic Emails - sent to you - Every Day, twice a day, if there are new members, or members change something in their profile, we will update you with those members who fall into the category of settings you have.  You will notice that My Matches and your email notifications may vary slightly.  Email notifications will also include a buffer on the rental price by 15% to show options you may be interested in viewing.  Vice-versa, if you change your profile, we will update you with members falling into your new settings.  Other members will also be updated when you change anything in your profile.  Example:  You change the price of rent or price of what you would like to pay for rent, and all your matches will be updated.

ACCOUNT MANAGER - This is where you access account settings and preferences.

My Profile - This shows a quick view of your settings.

Photo Gallery & Residence Photos - This section is optional but useful.  Photo Gallery is for your profile picture and is available to both types of members.  You may also use this for any type of images you would like to share.  Residence Photos are available to members who are renting out.  This is a nice feature to showcase your home, or anything else you would like members to see.

Change Username - Section to change username if need be.

Email Preferences - This section allows you to change your email address and turn on and off your daily email updates, for receiving new members in your area.  It is highly recommended to leave email notifications turned on.

Deactivate Account - Use this if for any reason you would like to become ‘invisible’ on the website to other users.  It will have the effect of you not being a member, but you still retain all of your information within the website.  Example:  You may find a place to live, or rent out a place to live, and would like to preserve your profile for future use.  Then, at a later date, if you need to use RoommatesWithKids again, you may simply sign in with your username or email and password and reactivate.  If you do not log in for 60 days (unless you are a subscribed (paid) member), your account will automatically be deleted.
Note - If you signed up for automatic renewals (which is a discounted price) and deactivate your account, and reactivate your account within the 30 day billing cycle from when you joined, the discounted rate will still apply to you.  If you deactivate, and reactivate beyond your 30 day billing cycle, you will pay the current subscription fee again.  If you would like to reactivate, you may have access to all the features at no charge, with the exception of reading Additional Description in member’s Profile and Sending/Reading received messages with members - the same way as when you joined for free but had not subscribed.

Delete Account - Self explanatory.  Total deletion of account, like you were never here, so make sure you are positive before confirming.

My Messages - This section is for communicating with other members within the website.  No personal information goes out to anyone.  You may check your inbox, read messages, send messages, block users, report users, etc.

My Favorites - This section contains the favorites that you check mark on the website.  You will notice a smiley face button under each member’s profile, ‘Add to Favorites’.

*My Matches - This list shows your matches according to your profile preferences.
Within *My Matches, You have a tab for *Advanced Search.  This is where you may make exact matches to severely increase or decrease search results.  Upon entering Advanced Search, your Roommate preferences (not profile preferences) are auto loaded, so you may start by just checking Apply.  To further adjust, make changes and Apply.  When in this section, whatever criteria you choose, then Apply, you will get a list for exact matches.  When you leave this section, it will automatically reset to your defaults or you may choose Reset while in this section to quickly return to your Roommate preferences.  Keep in mind, this is very specific.  The purpose for this section is to allow members in very concentrated areas to specify more narrow matches, so you don’t get too many results that you may not be interested in viewing.

Online Members - Kind of a fun button just to see who’s online.

Blocked Members - Shows you a list of any members you have blocked from contacting you.

Saved Searches - This section is great!  Within this part of the website, you will be able to look at your saved searches and make lists.  You may name them, edit them, etc.  This is great if you would like to make lists for members with certain criteria; have pets, lives near the beach, has one child, etc.


We Need a Room - View this type of member.
We Have a Room - View this type of member.
Rent Together - View this type of member.
Results per Page - Choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 per page.
Save Users - When you see a check box, you may select as many as you like or select all users into a list.  You may name this list.
View Map - See other members plus your location/desired location.
Back - Return to previous page.
Send Message - Just like email but internal to RoommatesWithKids.  This is available with a paid membership.
Add to Favorites - The Smiley face button will save members to your favorites list.
View Profile - To look at that persons profile or just click on their username or profile photo.

CHECK BOXES - Used to select/deselect members.


Free - Full access, no communication nor viewing of Additional Descriptions, which is on each member’s profile.
Paid - Full access, all inclusive.  30 Day billing cycle with an option to choose recurring, automatic monthly renewal at substantial discount.