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Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed the site so that any information asked for in the registration process can be edited after you have registered and logged into the site, except one, which is the User Type. The reason for this is that the criteria for an I HAVE A ROOM and I NEED A ROOM are considerably different in their respective required fields when signing up. If you mistakenly signed up with the wrong user type you will have to log in, delete your account (or create another account with a different email and username), and re-sign up with the correct User Type. 

You must fill out all the pages to be visible to other members. However, there are some criteria that are not necessary to fill out. You will see a red asterisk next to all required fields.

With a paid membership you can meet anyone and everyone you want who also has a paid membership.  There is no limit; all inclusive.  We want our members to be able to get in touch with as many other users as needed to make the best roommate choice.

On anyone's profile you will see a Contact Request and Send Message button.  The Contact Request works kind of like someone ringing your doorbell, so-to-speak.

To narrow or broaden your search results, you will want to change your preferences.  Each time you choose to narrow or broaden a preference, your search is tailored more to your liking.  The less preferences you specify, the more choices of possible matches are listed.  You're able to be as specific or general on the searches to suit your needs.  Check out the advanced search in My Matches section where you can narrow or broaden your search very specifically. You'll love it!

After adjusting your chosen criteria in Advanced Search, you must  choose "Apply" at the bottom or the top of the page to engage the filters chosen. Once you leave the advanced search page it will reset all filters in advanced search to your original criteria at sign up

Log in.  Go to your profile. Under My Profile, below the picture is an option in green script that says edit profile picture, click on that.  Click Select Image, then choose the photo you want.  Select image and click Upload.  Then, when you see the image in your photo gallery on the site, you click on it and it becomes your new profile picture.

In any section on the website, you will see an edit icon on the right side.  There, you can edit photos, or any other information that you would like changed. 

Everyone is welcome to utilize the RoommatesWithKids to find a roommate. The site is geared toward single parents with kids to fascilitate their needs.  Anyone who is 'kid friendly' is more than welcome.

No, your name is only visible to you.  Your "username" is visible to other members.  We do everything we can to protect your privacy.

Yes, your personal email address is not visible to other members.  It is used for our administraive purposes only and never given to other users or any third parties.  This is also one of the tools that enables you to sign into your account.

Once you have registered you can go to your profile page, go to the dashboard (on the lefthand side of the page) and choose Account Manager and then choose "Change Email."  Enter your current email and then new email.  Confirm new email and click "Update."

Go into your profile and access the account manager in the dashboard, click  EMAIL PREFERENCES and use the toggle to turn it on and off accordingly.

We tailor made our website service so parents with children who are seeking a place to live, or to rent out a room(s) in their own home to other parents with children, don’t have to fumble through hundreds of listings to find one or two compatible matches.  As anyone may use our site for searches, we have made a conscious decision to make our company as kid friendly as possible.  We have implemented many helpful tools to narrow your search using criteria that’s important to you.  We don't think anyone offers such a bang for the buck at our super competitive pricing.

Searching is free.  At time of communication, the fee is $19.95 per month.  Auto Renew at time of sign up is greatly discounted for all consecutive months of subscription after the first month.  Currently the price for auto renew is $10.00 per month.

We are an all inclusive website with one initial join price and a discounted price for recurring subsequent month(s) if you chose this option when subscribing. There will be 1 plan and anything we offer will be included.  Our goal is to help as many people find a compatible roommate situation with the least amount of fuss.

When you are in the process of signing up, at the credit card checkout, you will have an auto renew button that you may choose.  This is great because you don't have to worry about your membership expiring.  You may be out of town or may not have internet access but would like to use the site without interruption should you be near your renewal period.  Also, consecutive month membership offers a discounted price. We also make it a one touch cancellation so you will never have to jump through any hoops to stop your membership.  You may decide at any time to cancel membership, thus stopping all recurring charges.

Yes.  Your credit card number is never held in our database.  It is only used for the transaction of signing up for a monthly or reoccurring monthly membership.  The merchant service company we use, processes all credit card information.  We use one of the biggest American based credit card gateway services and employ the maximum protection SSL in our website to ensure credit card transactions are safe.

Log into your profile, go to Account Manager and choose "Delete Account".  If you have paid for a subscription it will then automatically expire at the end of thirty days from the date it was purchased. No other recurring charges will accrue if you chose recurring month/payment at sign up.

If you chose to deactivate your account it will basically hibernate your account from being visible to other members but will still be able to be accessed by you. Also, if you had any reurring charges they will stop. If you ever decide that you would like to use the site again, just login with your existing credentials to re-activate your acccount. At that time you will be visible again to other members but you will have to re-subscribe if re-activation is after 30 days from original date of payment.