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About RoommatesWithKids

About RoommatesWithKids


What is RoommatesWithKids?


RoommatesWithKids is a roommate finder and room renting listing service, focused on helping single parents with children find a home. Our database includes single parents actively searching for roommates both nationally and globally, and only actively looking roommates will appear in your search results.


We tailor-made our website service so parents with children who are seeking a place to live or looking to rent out a room in their own home to other parents with children, don’t have to fumble through hundreds of listings to find one or two compatible matches.


While our roommate finder is geared toward single parents with children, anyone in the general public who is looking to find a roommate or list a room will find our service highly beneficial. The highest priority of RoommatesWithKids is your safety and security; we never track, sell or spam your email, and we do not store credit card or personal information.


How RoommatesWithKids.com Started


The two founding owners of the service, Kevin and Blake, have experienced first-hand the difficulty of changing living situations as new single parents. The idea for the site was born out of their personal struggle. Following their divorces, both Kevin and Blake found the roommate-finding process to be extremely difficult, and they saw a need in their new community that was not being met; a way for newly single parents with children to find support and housing.


RoommatesWithKids eases the burden of roommate-finding for single parents by providing an online database of compatable roommate matches. With everything single parents have to deal with, finding housing should be simplified and streamlined - which is the vision behind RoommatesWithKids.



Company Founders: Kevin and Blake


Kevin is a seasoned professional in the advertising industry, with over 30 years of industry experience and over 25 years as a working photographer. Blake has worked as a professional actor and model for over 25 years. Their goal with RoommatesWithKids is to help other single parents through the emotional process of moving, by providing a search tool that makes this living transition as easy and affordable as possible.


Why RoommatesWithKids.com?


Although there are many websites currently facilitating roommate situations, RoommatesWithKids.com is the number 1 online service geared specifically toward single parents with children. RoommatesWithKids originally launched in 2014 and was rebuilt and relaunched mid-2017 due to popular demand. We are dedicated to providing single parents with housing options that are useful and relevant for their unique situation.


Our roommate finder offers a number of advanced search features that simplifies the roommate-finding process even further. Based on the preferences you select for your listing, RoommatesWithKids automatically populates the best roommate matches in your area and drops them in your inbox. You can then save these matches, reach out  through our in-site messaging feature, or complete your own search for more options.


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