About Us - RoommatesWithKids.com



Our roommate finding service is geared toward single parents with children however, it also services the general public who may wish to find a roommate or rent room(s).


The two founding owners of RoommatesWithKids.com have experienced first hand  how difficult changing living situations can be when children are involved in the  equation.  The RoommatesWithKids.com website has been designed (a painstaking  project out of love and understanding) to give members specific criteria to search out  other members who will fit together as well as possible.  A member may search as  generally as they wish or fine tune the search to exact criteria, all the way down to  pets.


Although there are many websites currently facilitating roommate situations, RoommatesWithKids.com is the number 1 online service geared specifically toward single parents with children, as our children’s environment, along with parenting, is paramount to their well-being.